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Research and Development Policies in the Southeast European Countries in Transition: Republic of Croatia

The document presents the investigation report by the Institute for International Relations (IMO) on the research and development system in Croatia. The report covers some legislative and institutional issues related to the higher education and science, lays out the aspects associated with financing of the higher education and science, specifies the size, structure and dynamics of the R&D personnel, gives the overview of research organisations and scientific infrastructure, analyses productivity and production of research and development in Croatia, provides the information on the disciplinary structure of science in Croatia, scientific communication and international scientific cooperation.Each section of the study analyzing the functioning of every segment of the research and development work offers conclusions covering specific fields and particular issues. At the end of the report the general findings and conclusions are given.

  • Posted on: 08.08.2006
  • Year of publication: 2002

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Source: Internet | Geographical focus: Croatia