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CELTIC-NEXT call for projects

CELTIC-NEXT is an industry-driven European research initiative to define, perform and finance through public and private funding, common R&D projects.

  • Posted on: 25.07.2019

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Do you want to access new ICT or vertical markets, technologies, and skills? Do you want to work with partners beyond national borders, on pre-competitive research and development, gain international recognition and develop new products or services.

Participation in ongoing CELTIC-NEXT calls offers proposers several unique benefits on top of the public funding :

  • Proposers are free to define the content of their project proposal according to their own research interests and priorities. All ICT and vertical R&D subjects are eligible at CELTIC Call
  • CELTIC projects are close to the market and have a track record of fast exploitation results after the end of the project. So far the projects have led to more than 1000 new or improved products and services.
  • High-quality proposals have an excellent chance of receiving funding, with an average success rate of 60 %.

Eligibility criteria

CELTIC-NEXT projects are open to :

  • Any type of company, large industry as well as small companies, including companies outside the EUREKA countries.
  • Research organisations and universities.

Funding details

CELTIC-NEXT projects:

  • Receive public funding, depending on the national funding decisions, have a total budget ranging from 1 M€ up to more than 70 M€ in total project budget.
  • Project Consortia can include 2 to over 50 partners
  • Typical project durations are between 24 and 36 months

Contact your National Public Authority or the CELTIC Office for more information on funding.

Source and more information

Program: EUREKA | S&T field/scope: General | Affilation and Pillar: Research and Innovation support Initiatives | Geographical focus: Western Balkans, Danube Region, EU Member States