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Evaluation of the effectiveness, communication and stakeholder involvement of the EUSDR

The Danube Strategy Point (DSP Office Vienna) is conducting an “Evaluation of the effectiveness, communication and stakeholder involvement of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR)”. The focus of the evaluation is on operational and governance related aspects, complemented by a strategic dimension. It shall primarily answer the questions: What works and how? What does not work and why?

  • Posted on: 05.04.2019

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For a comprehensive evaluation of the strategy it is particularly important to include the know-how and opinion of a broad audience including the following groups:
  • Key implementers of the Strategy (NCs, PACs, Steering Group Members);
  • European Commission (especially DG Regio but also DG EMPL, DG MOVE, DG HOME, etc.);
  • Authorities involved in the management of funds (e.g. ESIF OPs’ Managing Authorities and JSs);
  • Other stakeholders and experts (e.g. project implementers, representatives from the university sector, civil society, multipliers etc.).

For more information and for participating in the call for evaluation click here

Program: Danube Region Programme | S&T field/scope: General | Affilation and Pillar: Key stakeholders, Research and innovation community