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Call for Tender: Gender Equality Index in the EU Member States: Policy Context and Statistical Analysis

The main objective of this procedure is to support EIGE’s work on the Gender Equality Index and to contribute to stronger evidence based policy-making in the EU and Member States in the area of gender equality. The specific objective is to support the monitoring and assessment of performance in gender equality in the EU and Member States by providing the evidence on the major achievements and set-backs as measured by the Gender Equality Index.

  • Posted on: 30.04.2019

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Lot number Title Description
Lot 1 Country Analysis of the Gender Equality Index — Related Data and Policy Developments Tailored-made data and policy analysis, which supports the interpretation of the increase and/or decrease of gender equality in the Member States, is relevant to stimulate the debate in the national context. Analysis of country data and information, and policy development, is a relevant added value of the Gender Equality Index.The purpose of Lot 1 is to support EIGE in developing concise information, data and analysis aiming at contextualizing the results obtained by the Gender Equality Index at country level. EIGE will rely on in-depth, accurate analysis of Index-related data and information and analysis of national policy developments to support the interpretation of the Index results at country level. The activities of Lot 1 will support EIGE in disseminating the results of the Gender Equality Index in the Member States.
Lot 2 Statistical Analysis Related to the Gender Equality Index in Context The purpose of Lot 2 is to provide technical support to EIGE in producing advanced statistical analysis of the Gender Equality Index in a broad context of the economic, social and policy development at the EU level. The analysis should provide evidence-based results for policy-making based on advanced analytical and statistical methodologies and tools.

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S&T field/scope: General | Geographical focus: Danube Region, EU Member States