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Call for proposals in Environmental Issues in Czech Republic

Operational Programme (OP) "Environment" 2014-2020 for the Czech Republic is worth more than 3.1 billion € with 2.6 billion € co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Cohesion Fund. The Operational Programme aims to protect and ensure the quality of the living environment of the Czech population, promoting the efficient use of resources, eliminating the negative impacts of human activities on the environment and climate change mitigation.  

  • Posted on: 10.10.2016

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The programme will focus on five main priorities:

  • Improvement of water quality and reduction of flood risks
  • Improvement of air quality in human settlements
  • Improvement of waste and material flows and reduction of environmental burdens and risks
  • Conservation and care of nature and landscape
  • Energy savings in the public sector

The programme is managed by the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic.

Funding can cover up to 85% of the total eligible costs of the project (exceptionally also 100% for selected conservation measures under Priority Axis 4). For some specific objectives, funding will be provided through a combination of non-refundable grants and other financial instruments of a repayable character. Co-financing using the beneficiary’s resources is prerequisite for all projects. For certain specific objectives, projects the minimum threshold of eligible implementation costs may be limited.

For more information please contact directly: 

Ministry of Environment
Vršovická 65CZ- 100 10 Praha 
Director `Vít , Šumpela
Tel. : +420 267 122 087
Central: +420 267 121 111
fax: +420 267 310 308
E-mail. : vit.sumpela@mzp.cz
E-mail: info@mzp.cz
website: http://www.mzp.cz/ 

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