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Apply for Horizon 2020 training for Eastern Partnership Energy Experts at the Energy Networking4Innovation Brokerage Event

This grant scheme financially supports the participation of local researchers from Eastern Partnership countries in a Horizon 2020 training and brokerage event in Bratislava, Slovakia on 29-30 November 2016. The training on 29 November will be conducted back-to-back with the Danube-INCO.NET Energy Networking4Innovation Brokerage Event (a side event to the SET Plan Conference 2016) on 30 Novemer 2016. Maximum funding per grant is 1,500 EUR.

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IncoNet EaP has developed a grant scheme to financially support the participation of local researchers from Eastern Partnership countries in large-scale brokerage events and other similar activities in EU Member States or Associated Countries, which are related to Horizon2020. Such events provide an excellent arena for researchers to liaise and develop synergies, therefore the participation of researchers from the targeted countries will increase their opportunities to get involved and be taken onboard in consortia set up in EU MS/AC countries. It will also allow the researchers to make their institutions and/or their research networks better known.

This specific grant supports Eastern Partnership participation in the Energy Networking4Innovation Brokerage Event organised by Danube-INCO.NET in Bratislava and in addition offers a Horizon 2020 Training, provided by IncoNet EaP partner RCISD.

Downloads for Applicants

Eligibility criteria

These criteria have to be met in order to be eligible for participation:

  • Be a member or an employee of a research institution/organisation and/or of a network of organisations and/or of a higher education institution and/or of an SME-enterprise working on research. The aim is that the participation will have a multiplier effect in the country and/or region.
  • Conduct research in one of the partner countries (AM, AZ, BY, GE, MD, UA)
  • Submit a completely filled in application form along with all the required documentation.
  • Have a PhD degree and/or at least three years’ full time experience in research.
  • Carry out research in one of Societal Challenges: Health, Energy or Climate Change.
  • Speak English fluently.
  • Have some international experience (already existing contacts in other countries, participation in previous international conferences and collaborations, etc.).
  • Be committed to participate in a particular Horizon 2020 call.

Evaluation criteria

  • Scientific excellence/Research performance (publications, patents, project, etc.) (40% of the score)
  • Previous international cooperation activities (projects and/or structured cooperation with other countries; trainings abroad; participation in international conferences, etc.) (20% of the score)
  • Commitment to participate in a particular Horizon2020 Call, commitment to take full advantage of the participation in the event: expected outcome, concrete plans for cooperation, participation in Horizon2020 calls should be described in more detail (40% of the score)

    Additional evaluation criteria:
  • Gender: Encouragement of female researchers to participate
  • Encouragement of young researchers
  • Additional activities planned during the event (e.g. giving a presentation, taking part in a poster session, submitting a partner search profile, scheduling a bilateral meeting etc.)

Important dates:

Deadline for submission: 20 October 2016

Danube-INCO.NET Energy Networking4Innovation Brokerage Event: 30 November 2016
Registration deadline brokerage event: 20 November 2016

IncoNet EaP Training: 29 November 2016, provided by RCISD

Maximum of days covered by the IncoNet EaP project: 28 November – 1 December (3 nights)

Selection Process

Formality and eligibility check

The Local IncoNet EaP Partner will be responsible for the formality and eligibility check. Applications which do not comply with the eligibility criteria will not be considered within the evaluation process.


The evaluation, based on a specified scoring matrix (see below) will be carried out by the Local Partners, the Task Leader and the Coordinator.

Funding Requirements

The Grants will be paid by RCISD as a reimbursement for travel costs (travel, accommodation, visa costs). The Grant cannot exceed 1,500 euro. If the cost of participation exceeds this amount, the additional cost must be borne by the Grant recipient.

Energy Networking4Innovation Brokerage Event & Horizon 2020 Training

RCISD provides H2020 training for the selected participants back-to-back with the Energy Networking4Innovation Brokerage Event. Nomination of two scientists (at least one scientist) from each EaP country for this event is highly recommended. Eligibility, evaluation criteria, selection and evaluation procedure are the same like in the general scheme above. Costs (accommodation, travel and visa) of the participating scientists are covered from the budget of the RCISD dedicated for the Grant Scheme to facilitate the participation of EaP countries in the Brokerage Event and H2020 training.

Details of Energy Networking4Innovation Brokerage Event & Training:

Training: 29 November 2016, provided by RCISD
Number of days covered by the IncoNet EaP project: 28 November – 1 December (maximum 3 nights)

Brokerage Event: 30 November 2016
Venue: Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Trnavská cesta 27/A, Bratislava, Slovakia
Registration deadline: 20 November 2016
Registration fee: free of charge
Topics: smart energy & energy efficiency; renewable energy; R&D, policy making, governance and energy
Description: On November 30, 2016 you are welcome to participate in the international Networking4Innovation brokerage event. This matchmaking event focused on research, innovation or business cooperation in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy organised as a side event to the SET Plan conference 2016 & Central European Energy Conference 2016 from 30 November to 2 December 2016. SET Plan – Central European Energy Conference X will be held during Slovakia’s EU Council Presidency and will create a prestigious international platform for open discussion on the most important issues regarding current EU energy policy and research and innovation policy between stakeholders.
More information: https://www.b2match.eu/networking2016


Please get in touch with the Local Partner in your country for any questions regarding the eligibility criteria and the application process:

For general enquiries you can also contact:

Ildiko Dorogi
International Expert
Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development, RCISD
H-1021 Budapest, Hűvösvölgyi út 54. V./1
E-mail: ildiko.dorogi@rcisd.eu


S&T field/scope: H2020 general, General, Energy | Affilation and Pillar: Research and innovation community, Research and Innovation support Initiatives, Energy and Bio Economy | Geographical focus: Moldova, Ukraine, International/Other

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