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Jan Patocka Fellowships 2014/2015 for Czech scholars

The program supports research inspired by Jan Patocka’s thought and committed to his legacy and will enable Czech senior and junior researchers to pursue a research project of their choice while working in residence at the IWM in Vienna. It is open to all academic disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

  • Posted on: 18.05.2014

Website: Link

Contact: Institute for Human Sciences, vienna, Austria, iwm@iwm.at


Candidates for the Jan Patočka Junior Visiting Fellowship

  • must be Czech citizens
  • must currently pursue a doctoral degree or have recently obtained a Ph.D. in any discipline in the humanities or social sciences
  • must not be older than 35 years

Jan Patočka Senior Visiting Fellowships are granted by invitation only.


Applications have to be submitted via the online application form including:

  1. a concise research proposal in English (max. 8,000 characters incl. spaces) including
    • the academic problem(s) addressed
    • a critical consideration of current relevant literature
    • the research goals and expected results
    • a work and time schedule (if the duration of the project exceeds the six-month term at the IWM, please indicate which part will be completed during the fellowship)
  2. a curriculum vitae
  3. a list of publications
  4. two letters of recommendation by scholars familiar with the applicant’s academic work

Please send all your application materials as PDF files!

Deadline for Application: May 25, 2014 (date of receipt)


The finalists will be selected by a jury of experts. Applicants will be notified of the jury decision in summer 2014. The jury is not required to publicly justify its decisions.


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Source: http://www.iwm.at/fellowships/patocka/ | S&T field/scope: Social Sciences, Humanities | Geographical focus: Danube Region, Czech Republic